Our Story

This is how everything started:

In 2004, Kristian Ruggieri was traveling in Santiago, Chile after leading a team of volunteers KR-LOGOto the lesser known Temuco to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Seeing tanks at a protest in the plaza, she was saddened to think that this image is what would make the news in the United States that night, not the fact that 16 strangers spent their vacation time working with people they’d never met to build simple, decent houses. Having been on 4 previous trips with Habitat for Humanity, she knew that there were positive stories like this happening all over the world. That’s when she got the idea that she could help tell them.

The next year she went to Asia to document the journey of a woman in California who started an organization called the HOPE Project and raised enough money to build a school for blind children in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Kristian realized the stories were definitely out there.

HABITATIn 2007, she left her corporate job behind and led another Habitat for Humanity trip – this one to Madagascar. She then spent the next four months traveling throughout eastern and southern Africa meeting people with inspiring projects and filming them: flip flops collected from the beaches of Kenya and turned into art, women in Uganda leading village cooking tours to raise money for a school, and a man in Tanzania sewing animals stuffed with discarded (then cleaned) plastic bags. It was easy to find people using their creativity and ingenuity to creating positive change in their communities!

Realizing she wasn’t cut out to be a one-woman band, Kristian joined a team of filmmakers in San Francisco and Inspiration Safari was born.

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Inspiration Safari is a world tour in search of and showcasing some of these great stories! Click on the Watch tab to view a few clips of these great people and their projects.


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